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Coroplast Signs

Coroplast Signs

Coroplast signs are made of corrugated plastic sheets, owing to their numerous advantages like waterproof, durability, 100% recyclable, etc., in the graphic and display industry, the signs are an ideal substrate for printing display signs used in both indoor and outdoor environment.

For example, the yard signs for the sales promotion on real estate, the storefront signs for the business opening and discount information, the campaign signs for the political election or rallies, the safety signs for building & construction sites, and the temporary fence signs for any purpose that you want to use on.

At Ecore Pack, we supply both blank coroplast signs as well as printed signs to customers, the size, thickness, and colors can all be custom-made, that is to say, you tell us what you want, and then, we’ll finish the design and printing that tailored to your specific needs.

Normally, we provide a few size options for customers to choose from, below list are the mostly used sizes among the graphic & display shops.

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Corflute Displays

Corflute Displays

Compared to paper fiberboard and cardboard, the corrugated plastic sheets have more advantages in terms of making Corflute displays and signs.

Firstly, the paper boards are neither waterproof nor tearproof, while the corrugated plastics are made of PP material which is not only water-resistant, but they are also super rigid and durable.

Secondly, owing to their UV stability and weatherproof feature, the Corflute displays and signs can be used in more scenarios than the cardboard, both indoor and outdoor environment, for instance, including merchandise promotion in the supermarket, trading shows exhibition, as well as advertisement displaying in outdoor.

Thirdly, the durability feature makes our Corflute displays and signs stand out from the competitors, their lifespan is at least 5 times longer than the cardboard displays.

Our corrugated plastic displays and signs are flat packed, easy to transport and assemble, and custom solutions and free samples are available upon request.

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