About Us


A Story of Us

10 Years Of Experience In Corrugated Plastic Sheets

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Jinan, Ecore Pack specializes in the production, research, and development of corrugated plastic sheets, multiwall PP sheets, PP honeycomb panels, and reusable plastic packaging for various industries.

Ecore Pack produces high-quality products while also providing professional technical solutions for a complete series of applications, such as packaging, printing, recycling, protection, construction, etc. High-tech equipment, innovative thoughts, and first-class service enable us to be the leading manufacturer in the global market.

Our products include corrugated plastic sheets, Coroplast signs, PP layer pads, as well as reusable plastic boxes, furthermore, we also produce PP honeycomb panels, bubble guard boards, and plastic pallet boxes.

We manufacture a diverse range of products and supplies to clients throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, Mexico, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine. What is worth mentioning is that we acted as the sole supplier of corrugated plastic recycle bins for the 1st European Games which was held in Baku, Azerbaijan in the year 2015.

Being a responsible company, we commit ourselves to providing smarter packaging solutions to clients worldwide, helping them reduce operation costs, and adding value to their business


See What We can Do

Our Industry Capabilities

At Ecore Pack, we provide one-stop service and fully customized solutions for your projects. Including design, plastic sheet extrusion, prototyping, print, performance test, etc. 

Plastic Sheets Exutrusion

Corrugated PP Sheets;
Multiwall PP sheets;
PP honeycomb panels

The Factory Productivity

Thickness: 1.8-13mm;
Max width: 2450mm;
Output: >50000 kgs per day

The Design Capabilities

Graphic Design;
Package Structure Design;
Packing Design

Multiple Printing Solutions

Screen Printing;
Flexo Printing;
Flatbed Digital Printing

Cut-to-Size and Cut-to-Shape

Rotary Die-cut;
Flatbed Die-cut;
CNC Router Prototyping

Treatments On Material Surfaces

Corona Treatment;
Laser Marking;

Thermal Process On Edges & Corners

Corners & Edges Sealing;
Ultrasonic Welding;
Hot Air Welding

Special Grades For Diverse Industries

UV Resistant Grade;
Anti-static Grade;
Flame Retardant Grade