Corrugated Plastic Solutions for Moving and Transport Industry

Plastic Moving Boxes

Plastic Moving Boxes

The plastic moving boxes are made of corrugated PP sheets, they are foldable, lightweight, durable, reusable, and environmentally friendly. The boxes are an ideal transport tool for both office moving and home moving.

Furthermore, the plastic boxes are tear-proof and collapsible, that is to say, you can save both costs and storage space when doing the moving. These moving boxes can be custom-made, the customs options include size, thickness, color, and artwork print.

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Plastic Truck Boards

Plastic Truck Board

The plastic truck boards are made of heavy-duty X-wall plastic sheets, it is specially designed for reuse on trucks and container tractors, preventing cargo from possible collision damage during the transport loop. 

Due to their super durability and high impact resistance, the truck boards are an ideal substitute for plywood panels and paper honeycomb boards. What’s more, the plastic truck board is 100% recyclable. 

At Ecore Pack, the plastic truck boards can be custom-made, including sizes, colors, prints, as well as shapes, reach out today for a FREE design!

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