corrugated plastic sheets

Corrugated Plastic Sheets

Corrugated plastic sheet, well-known brands include Corflute, Coroplast, Correx, Cartonplast and FlutePlast, it is an extruded twin wall hollow profile, available in both Polypropylene(PP) and Polyethylene(PE), used in sign printing, packaging, protection and a multitude of other applications… Read more

corrugated plastic rolls

Corrugated Plastic Rolls

Due to the features of flexibility and waterproof, corrugated plastic sheet is ideal for conversion into rolls, used as protection sheet for floors, walls, windows and doors when people decorate the houses. Another usage of corrugated plastic roll is that it’s usually used as waterproof substrate in construction projects… Read more

multiwall pp sheets

Multiwall PP Sheets

Multiwall PP sheet is a PP(Polypropylene) hollow profile, extruded with an unique structure of 3-4 horizontal layers or intersection layers. They(usually triplewall sheets) are heavy duty and much more durable than twin wall plastic sheet, has increasingly been used to replace plywood board… Read more


PP Honeycomb Panels

It’s a unique three layer polypropylene sheet with two solid outer layers and one thermoformed bubble layer in between, this structure makes it strong but lightweight which is ideal for making bulk containers… Read more

corrugated plastic box

Corrugated Plastic Boxes

Corrugated plastic box is a cost-effective alternative to corrugated cardboard. It’s made from polypropylene(PP), environmentally friendly and can be 100% recycled. Such box is economical as well as liquid, chemical and high impact resistant… Read more

plastic pallet box

Plastic Pallet Boxes

Consists of 3 individual parts(lid+sleeve+pallet), lids and pallets are produced using thermoformed plastic sheet, sleeves are processed by multiwall plastic sheet or honeycomb plastic sheet. Such bulk containers are offering cost-effective and reusable transit packaging solutions for multiple markets… Read more

folding recycling bins

Folding Recycling Bins

Ecore has a complete series of corrugated plastic recycling bins and collectors, which are ideal to replace molded plastic bins and metal bins. These bins and collectors are structurally specially designed, they can be folded flat to save storage space when not in use. In 2015, we supplied 12000 recycling bins for the 1st European Games which was held in Baku, Azerbaijan… Read more

corflute signs

Signs & Displays

Corrugated plastic sheet is already widely used as the popular advertising substrate for both indoor and outdoor displays. With its folding, cutting, welding and printing characteristics, the applications of this material is limitless. We provide both screen printing and digital printing for diverse clients… Read more

vine and tree guard

Vine & Tree Guard

There are many other names for vine & tree guard, such like plant guard, tree shelter and tree tube. It’s developed from corrugated PE sheet with a high UV grade additive to ensure the lifespan of vine & tree guards in outdoor environment… Read more

custom solutions

Custom Made & Solutions

Ecore accepts OEM and ODM orders, our teams have capabilities of structure design, artwork design and prototyping, we manage the entire process, from design details to die cutting, printing and packaging… Read more