Pallet Dividers & Recycle Bins for Food and Beverage Industry

Pallet Layer Pads

The plastic layer pads are made from corrugated PP sheets, they are rigid yet lightweight, and sealed edges and round corners make them the ideal material for cans and glass bottles palletization in the food and beverage industry.

Unlike cardboard sheets, PP layer pads are weatherproof, tear-proof, reusable, and washable, so the layer pads can effectively help food & beverage companies save huge packaging costs.

Owing to their 100% PP composition, our PP layer pads are washable, moisture, grease, and chemical resistant, such features enable them reusable and 100% recyclable. 

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Recycling Bin for Plastic Bottles

Folding Recycling Bins

The recycling bins are made from Coroplast sheet, which is lightweight yet durable, high impact, washable, and moisture resistant, weather for indoor or outdoor use, our bins are the perfect option to collect used mineral & beverage bottles. With a foldable structure, our recycling bins can save up to 50% storage space compared to the solid plastic bins, each bin can be easily folded or installed in a short time. Finally, we can print any customer artworks on the bins, the design and sample are FREE. 

Features & Benefits

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