Corrugated Plastic Bins for Waste Recycling

Folding Recycling Bins

Plastic Reycling Bins

The plastic recycling bins are made with high-impact corrugated plastic sheets, they are lightweight yet durable, moisture-proof, weatherproof, and easy to clean, those features make them ideal for waste recycling in both indoor and outdoor scenarios.

Our recycle bins are collapsible, which allows easy and fast assembly, meanwhile, they save much storage space because you can fold them up when they are not in use. Owing to the superior features of the plastic substrate, you can easily clean the bins and reuse them.

Custom sizes, colors, and designs are available, reach out today for a FREE quote, the experts at Ecore Pack will help you figure out the best solution for you.

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Recyclable Collector 1

Plastic Recyclable Collector

This small plastic recyclable collector is designed especially for scenarios of indoor use, such as homes, offices, hotels, and schools. They are mainly used for the collection of lightweight recyclables, for instance, newspaper, aluminum cans, hard plastic containers, milk cartons, as well as glass jars, and plastic bottles.

With a handy size of 330x240x197mm, this recyclable collector is a one-piece design, owing to the features of corrugated plastic sheets, it is very easy to clean, assemble and reuse. Custom colors and prints are available, reach out today for a FREE quote!

Features & Benefits

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