Circular Plastic Packaging Products for Automotive Industry

Automobile Circulating Boxes

Plastic Circulating Boxes

The plastic circulating boxes are made with corrugated plastic sheets, they are ideal for the storage and transport of auto parts in the automotive industry. 

As a manufacturer of corrugated plastic sheets, Ecore has been in the automotive packaging industry for many years, we have a product development department that focuses on design, prototyping, and testing to find out the most proper packaging solution for each client.


Automobile Foldable Large Container

Foldable large Containers

Our foldable large container, also known as plastic pallet boxes, it is a sleeve pack system that provides maximized volume for bulk products, meanwhile, it also provides unmatchable storage and distribution spaces when folded. The pallet sleeves can be put in between the caps and pallets when folded and are easy to install and lock into place for use. A front door is an option for easy access to load or unload. 

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