Ecore Pack produces a full range of fresh produce packages for the vegetables and fruits industry. The corrugated plastic boxes are made from food contact grade Polypropylene which is waterproof and chemical resistant. The main products include asparagus boxes and okara boxes.


As a manufacturer of corrugated plastic sheets, Ecore Pack has been in the automotive packaging industry for many years, we have an R & D team that focuses on the design, prototyping, and doing tests, striving to work out the most proper packaging solution for our customers.

Building & Construction

Available both in roll and flat sheet, corrugated plastic (Correx) is easy to handle and cost-effective material for surface protection in the building and construction industry. Customers can cut, curve, perforate, or crease the Correx material to any size or shape that they want.

Reusable Pallet Boxes

The plastic pallet box is very lightweight, tough, and space-saving, it’s composed of three parts, the lid, the sleeve, and the pallet, of which the lid and the pallet are made from HDPE solid plastic sheets, and the sleeves are made from PP honeycomb panels.

Food & Beverage

PP layer pads are made from high-quality polypropylene hollow sheets, they are rigid and lightweight and have been used as pallet layer dividers of stacked products such as bottles and cans. Unlike cardboard sheets, PP layer pads are waterproof, easy to clean, and much more durable.

Graphic & Display

Twin wall PP sheet (Coroplast) is lightweight, durable, weatherproof, and inexpensive, with those features, it is widely used as an advertising substrate for both indoor and outdoor displays. Our corrugated plastic sign boards are ideal for both flatbed UV printing and silkscreen printing.

Protective Packaging

At Ecore Pack, we manufacture and supply a full range of corrugated plastic packaging to protect steel sheets, coils, cable rolls, and other sorts of metallic products. The plastic properties enable corrugated plastic sheets in the form of diverse die-cutting shapes.


Corrugated plastic cardboard (Cartonplast) is lightweight, waterproof, durable, and economical, those features make it ideal for archive & storage solutions both at home and in the office. Sturdy, utility, and cost-effective custom designs and sizes can be made to order.


Except for the foldable large containers, we also supply the transport industry with heavy-duty PP panels (Truck Board) such as side gate protection panels, PP layer pads, or floor protection panels. Those panels are available in 8mm to 13mm, cut-to-shape can be done upon request.

Waste Recycling

Owing to our innovations in corrugated plastic recycling bins, In 2015, Ecore Pack was selected as the supplier for Baku European Games. Till now we have designed and developed a complete series of recycling bins and recyclable collectors for diverse recycling scenarios.