Basic Properties of Corrugated Plastic Sheet

Corrugated plastic is a twin wall structure plastic panel, which is mostly made from Polypropylene and partially from Polyethylene. It’s known as an alternative sign and packaging material.

Technical Data Sheet of Corrugated Plastic Sheet

Getting more acknowledgment of corrugated plastic sheets from Ecore, you will know better which thickness, gsm, color, or grade is most appropriate & cost-effective for your business.

Technical Data for Multiwall PP Sheets

Different with common corrugated plastic, multiwall PP sheets are specially developed for certain applications, they are mainly used to replace plywood and solid plastic sheets in a few industries.

PP Layer Pads for Food & Beverage Industry

In the past, glass bottle factories normally use cardboard as layer dividers, but they absorb water, and moisture and are not durable. Now, many of them already switched to using PP layer pads.

Foldable Recycle Bins Made of Corrugated Plastic

Made from corrugated plastic, the bins are more durable and require less energy to manufacture and ship than injection plastic bins, those colorful bins are ideal for offices, businesses, and schools.

Corrugated Plastic Sheets for Signs & Displays

Owing to the features of lightweight, durable and cost-effective, corrugated plastic is an ideal substrate for a wide range of indoor and short-term outdoor uses. We also provide cutting to shape services.