how you save money with corrugated plastic rolls

Ecore corrugated plastic rolls are made of twin wall plastic hollow sheets. Light in weight but much durable, the rolls have a wide variety of applications, like floor protection, wire & cable protection, waterproofing material, insulation substrate, etc. Read more

reusable pallet box

Reusable plastic pallet box is returnable and recyclable, it is made from high impact honeycomb PP sheet or multiwall PP sheet, it is much stronger than timber pallet box or paper pallet box.

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Ecore is the supplier of corflute recycling bins for Baku 2017 The 4th Islamic Solidarity Games.
4th islamic solidarity games

On April 22nd, our client from South Africa visit us, during the visit, they were quite happy with the quality of fluted PP sheets that we produce, and also much impressed by our capabilities on deep processing of corrugated plastics, e.g. die cutting, embossing, printing, welding and packaging. Read more

food safety and reusable packaging

Are corrugated plastic boxes safe for use of food packaging in wholesale?

There is controversy about whether corrugated plastic reusable boxes are safe in wholesale food. Jun Lee, the president at China Reusable Packaging Association, presents his study with information and data in Food Safety Magazine latest version Read more


Christmas is Coming!

It’s approaching the end of 2016, and the Christmas is coming near, by taking this chance, Ecore wants to thank all its customers for their continuous support and understanding all through the year.


5 features of coroplast signs

Coroplast is tough, lightweight and weatherproof hollow plastic substrate that can be used for an extended long time under severe outdoor environment.

1. Durable
Mostly made from 3mm & 5mm white corrugated plastic sheet, the sign board is very rigid and hard to tear. By applying a 3 year UV laminated digitally printed graphic, which will gives extra protection for the sign. Read more

the 3 plastics

In terms of twin wall profile extrusion.
There are three plastics that relate to the production.

1. Polypropylene(abbr: PP)
PP is tough, flexible and solvent resistant, this allows polypropylene to be used as a packaging plastic, and a main resin for twin wall / triple-wall plastic sheet extrusion. Normally used to make sign boards, protection sheets and packaging boxes. Read more

a story of corrugated plastic

Corrugated plastic or corriboard – also known under the trade names of Polyflute, Coroplast, FlutePlast, IntePro, Proplex, Correx, Twinplast, Corriflute or Corflute – refers to a wide range of extruded twinwall plastic-sheet products produced from high-impact polypropylene resin with a similar make-up to corrugated fiberboard. It is a light-weight tough material which can easily be cut with a utility knife. Manufacturers typically offer a wide variety of colors and thicknesses (quite commonly 3, 4, 5 mm). Read more

the best deskside recyclable collector

As a flat packed waste collector.

It’s lightweight, durable, good looking and very handy to use by your seat and desk, you don’t have to endure the easily torn cardboard totes or fragile injection plastic bins. Read more