5 Features of Coroplast Signs

5 Features of Coroplast Signs

Coroplast is a tough, lightweight, and weatherproof hollow plastic substrate that can be used for an extended long time in severe outdoor environments, below are the 5 features of coroplast signs.

1. Durable
Mostly made from 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm white corrugated plastic sheets, the signboard is very rigid and hard to tear. Unlike paper fiberboard, one feature of coroplast signs is, that they are waterproof and weatherproof.

2. Cut to shape
Coroplast can be cut in accordance with the client’s requirements, we provide die-cut to shape services, any shape you can imagine, we can do it. We can also punch eyelets on each corner of the sign if you need.

3. Easy to use
The coroplast signs can be either installed in the lawn field by using heavy-duty sign holders, or bind them on the lighting pole with elastic ropes or cable ties, both of them can give stable fastening to the sign panel.

4. Cost-effective
Rather than steel or aluminum sign plates, coroplast is more cost-effective and suitable for making temporary signs. For example, election signs, campaign signs, event signs, building site signs, or promotion signs.

5. 100% recyclable
Coroplast is made from Polypropylene, recycling number: 5, it can be 100% recycled, so you don’t have to worry about the environment and its reusability.

Except for the 5 features, the coroplast signs have a lot more advantages. If you need a custom quote or a print solution on the corrugated PP sheets, Ecore Pack will always help you with all Coroplast graphic & signage solutions.


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